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The National Pipe Archive is a registered charity that relies very heavily on donations of books, papers and objects to enhance its collections and provide a resource that charts the archaeology and history of the material culture associated with the phenomenon of smoking. It is very grateful to all those who have generously donated material over the years, contributing to the internationally important collection that it is today.

The Archive is also very grateful to all the volunteers, both past and present, who have helped with the cleaning, recording and catalogueing of its collections so that they can be made publicly accessible. They have not only helped to advance our current knowledge but also to create a recource that will be of use and benefit for generations to come.

Last but not least, the Archive would like to acknowledge the generous practical and financial support that it has recieved from various institutions and funding bodies over the years. This support has been essential in enabling the Archive to acquire, house and research its collections as well as providing help with its day to day running and maintainence. We look forward to continuing these relationships and establishing new partners so as to ensure the long term furture of the Archive and it's collections.


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