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The National Pipe Archive is very pleased to have received a number of substantial collections in recent years, all of which enhance the research value of our collection.  A recent Historic England project has not only enabled us to digitise some of our collections and make them publicly available, but also to improve our website.  These improvements include the upgrading of the existing pages as well as the production of new pages with additional resources.  This is something that we would like to expand and build upon in the future.

The day to day running of the Archive, however, is a costly business.  Our recent acquisitions, as well as a number of substantial older accessions that have not yet been fully catalogued all need bags, boxes and time spending on them.  The online resources that are made freely available via this website also take time to prepare, catalogue and scan, while the website costs money to host and maintain. 

All of this drains our resources and so we have introduced a new “donate” button to our home page.  This will help us maintain our existing collections and make more resources available online via our website.

If you have enjoyed using these pages and would like to help support us with this work, we would be most grateful.


Clay Tobacco Pipes for Field Archaeology - 2016

The Archive is very pleased to report that it has been successful in its bid for an Historic England grant to work on a project entitled Clay Tobacco Pipes for Field Archaeology.

The aim of the project is to provide a single reference point for field archaeologists and others by drawing together, and making available, some of the key reference elements from the Archive, as well as providing guidelines for dealing with pipe assemblages.

Over the coming months the Archive will be working towards upgrading the existing pages of our website as well as adding pages for these new resources.




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