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Boston, Lincolnshire

The pipe kiln from Boston, Lincolnshire was situated at 28, Rosegarth Street, Boston and was excavated between 1967 and 1968.

The kiln was first mentioned in White's 1856 Directory of Lincolnshire, under the name of Edward Manning. The kiln continued to be associated with Edward up to his death in 1892 and was then taken over by his son, Joseph, until his death in 1919.

An account of the excavation was published by Peter Wells in 1970 in Lincolnshire History and Archaeology (Wells 1970).

In 2007, Peter Wells deposited the site archive, including excavated material, with the Archive (LIVNP 2007.11).

kiln 1 kiln 2 kiln 3
Kiln structure under excavation
furniture 1 furniture 2 furniture 3
Kiln Furniture

The full site archive and more objects and photographs are available for visiting researchers to consult.

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