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Jacqui Pearce - Trustee

pearceJacqui Pearce is a specialist in medieval and later ceramics, with a particular interest in the clay tobacco pipe industry of the London area. She has been involved in the recording and analysis of clay pipe assemblages from archaeological excavations across London, and is particularly keen to view the artefacts associated with smoking alongside other evidence as part of the wider material culture of the post-medieval period.

She has been involved with the establishment of an online database of 17th-century stamped pipe makers’ marks from London. This is part of a wider ongoing project, which will be updated and expanded to include later marks in due course, in association with the development of a physical reference collection of London pipes. She has also worked on excavated clay pipe assemblages from Shrewsbury, Bath and Hertfordshire, and has a particular concern for encouraging clay pipe studies through teaching and workshops.

Recent publications

2016, ‘Down at the Old Ship and Ball - Taverns, Trade and Daily Life in the London Borough of Southwark’, Post-Medieval Archaeology, 50/2, 181-226.

2009, ‘Clay pipes’, in G Beresford Caldecote the development and desertion of a Hertfordshire village, Soc Medieval Archaeol Monogr 28, 193–97.

2009, ‘Clay tobacco pipes’ in J Bowsher and P Miller, The Rose and the Globe–playhouses of Shakespeare’s Bankside, Southwark,MOLA Monograph 48, 175–80.

2008, ‘The clay tobacco pipes’, integrated into I Blair and D Sankey, A Roman drainage culvert, Great Fire destruction debris and other evidence from hillside sites north-east of London Bridge, MoLAS Archaeol Studies Ser 17.

2006 ‘The clay tobacco pipes’, integrated into A Telfer, ‘Rich refuse: a rare find of late 17th- century and mid-18th -century glass and tin-glazed wares from an excavation at the National Gallery, London’, Post-Medieval Archaeology 40:1, 191–213.

Other roles

Preseident of the Society for Post-Medieval Archaeology.

Specialist in medieval and later ceramics, Museum of London Archaeology.

Tutor on courses in post-excavation procedures for local archaeological societies in London.

Other academic interests

Medieval and post-medieval ceramics and glass.

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