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Tobacco/Smoking Related (not site-specific)

The following bibliography lists those publications and off prints held by the National Pipe Archive as of April 2017 that are not site specific. For site specific publications see also UK publications and World publications.

Wherever possible a complete bibliographic reference has been given. In some cases, however, the archive does not hold all the information, such as volume number and page number. In those instances, an effort has been made to provide as much information as possible so that the reference is usable.

Each entry is followed by an NPA accession code, for example LIVNP 1997.17.2, this refers back to the pipe filing system and will help to locate each article.

The current list comprises all the published material held by the NPA. Please note that this is a working document and is constantly being updated.

Click on the list below to jump to a specific topic, or browse a PDF version of the complete NPA bibliography.

Topics: Pipes General | Briar Pipes | Cigars | Matches and Lighters | Meerschaum Pipes | Opium Pipes | Porcelain Pipes | Pipe Stoppers / Tampers | Smoking | Snuff | Tinder Boxes | Tobacco / Tobacconists | Tobacco Boxes | Tobacco Rasps| Trade Catalogues |

PIPES GENERAL (Return to top)

Adès, Marie-Claire; Masson, Danielle, (1993) Pipes à eau chinoises, 94pp. Paris: Musée-Galerie de la Seita/Flammes et Fumées. Catalogue of an exhibition which took place between 17th March and 30th May 1993. [LIVNP 2016.09.35]

Alexander, L.T. (1979) ‘More light on the theory of dating clay pipes by measuring stem hole diameters’, Quarterly Bulletin Archaeol Soc of Virginia 33:3, 81-86. [LIVNP 1999.67.01 / 2012.06.071]

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Alvey, R. C. (1982) ‘Recording Lead Tokens’ Treasure Hunting, 32-33. [LIVNP 2013.01.542]

Anon, (1602, reprint 1968) A Defence of Tabacco. With a Friendly Answer to the Late Printed Booke Called Worke for Chimny-Sweeprs,etc.  Reprinted 1968, Da Capo Press, 70pp [LIVNP 2011.09.160]

Anon, (1642) The projectors down-fall: or times changeling, printed by Thomas Paine, London. [LIVNP 1999.40.01 - see also the Fraser Collection (Ref: 1133) Sydney Jones Library, University of Liverpool)

Anon, (1877) The Smoker’s Guide, Philosopher and Friend, Hardwick & Bogue, London, 184pp. [LIVNP 2011.09.159]

Anon, (1935) ‘A tale of clay pipes’ London Evening News, October 16, 1935. [LIVNP 2000.01.116]

Anon, (1935) 1935 Tobacco Yearbook, 164pp plus memo and diary pages at rear. England, London: Tobacco. Fair Condition, damage to boards with staining and foxing throughout. Spine in fair condition with damage to headband, minor damge to base. Ephemera; small piece of paper advertsiing bearing notes. [LIVNP 2014.03.009]

Anon, (1960s?) Ma pipe: histoire de la pipe et du tabac, 10pp. None given: Niemeyer?. Advertising pamphlet from Niemeyer Tobacco. [LIVNP 2016.09.27]

Anon, (1971?) Flammes et fumées, 62, 82pp. Paris: A de Peretti.  [LIVNP 2016.09.02]

Anon, (1972) ‘Treasury of information’ Imperial Tobacco Group Review, 3:2, 18-19 & 21. [LIVNP 2000.01.133]

Anon, (1972) Flammes et fumées, 65 (1), 65pp. Paris: A de Peretti.  [LIVNP 2016.09.03]

Anon, (1972) Flammes et fumées, 67 (3), 160pp. Paris: A de Peretti.  [LIVNP 2016.09.04]

Anon, (1973) Flammes et fumées, 68 (1), 56pp. Paris: A de Peretti.  [LIVNP 2016.09.05]

Anon, (1973) Flammes et fumées, 69 (2), 65pp. Paris: A de Peretti.  [LIVNP 2016.09.06]

Anon, (1974) Flammes et fumées, 71 (1), 73pp. Paris: A de Peretti.  [LIVNP 2016.09.07]

Anon, (1974) Flammes et fumées, 72 (2), 65pp. Paris: A de Peretti.  [LIVNP 2016.09.08]

Anon, (1975) Flammes et fumées, 73 (1). Paris: A de Peretti.  Contains an order form for goods. [LIVNP 2016.09.09]

Anon, (1976) Flammes et fumées, 76, 97pp. Paris: A de Peretti.  [LIVNP 2016.09.10]

Anon, (1977) Flammes et fumées, 77, 112pp. Paris: A de Peretti.  [LIVNP 2016.09.11]

Anon, (1977) Flammes et fumées, 78, 81pp. Paris: A de Peretti.  [LIVNP 2016.09.12]

Anon, (1978) ‘Pipes through the ages’ Antiques, 90-103. [LIVNP 2013.01.543]

Anon, (1978) Flammes et fumées, 79, 156pp. Paris: A de Peretti.  [LIVNP 2016.09.13]

Anon, (1978) Flammes et fumées, 80, 113pp. Paris: A de Peretti.  [LIVNP 2016.09.14]

Anon, (1979) Flammes et fumées, 82, 80pp. Paris: A de Peretti.  [LIVNP 2016.09.15]

Anon, (1980) Flammes et fumées, 83, 81pp. Paris: A de Peretti.  Contains a loosely inserted addendum slip. 25th anniversary edition. [LIVNP 2016.09.16]

Anon, (nd) ‘Chapter VII: of the qualities of a good pipe, and of pipes in general’, Smoking and Smokers, 45-50. [LIVNP 1999.36.01 -see also the Fraser Collection (Ref. 1308) Sydney Jones Library, University of Liverpool]

Anon, (nd) ‘Chapter VIII: of the Dudheen and Meerschaum in particular’, Smoking and Smokers, 51-54. [LIVNP 1999.36.01 - see also the Fraser Collection (Ref 1308) Sydney Jones Library, University of Liverpool]

Anon, (nd) ‘Pipes and Match Cases’ Collectables, 21-24. [LIVNP 2013.01.551]

Anon, (nd) ‘Smokers’ Items’ Collectables, 47-48. [LIVNP 2013.01.551]

Anon, (nd) The Autobiography of a Clay Pipe, W E. Partridge and Co, London, 31pp. [LIVNP 2013.02.12 – this is a photocopy]

Armero, Carlos, (1989) Antique pipes (a journey around the world): translated by Sue Heringman, 163pp. Spain, Madrid: Tabapress. Fine condition with minor foxing to dust jacket. [LIVNP 2014.03.003]

Atkin, S. (ed.) (1989) ‘Bibliography of clay pipe studies’, Society for Clay Pipe Research, 66pp. [2 copies held; LINVP 1999.65.01]

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Augustin Niels, (1980) Het Europese Pijpen-Prentenboek, I, 104pp. [LIVNP 2013.02.01]

Augustin Niels, (1981) Het Europese Pijpen-Prentenboek, II, 104pp. [LIVNP 2013.02.02]

Augustin, Niels, (1980) Le livre européen des pipes en terre en 6 volumes. Vol.1 Hommes, in, 1, 104pp. Willemstad: Uitg. Icon/Ceramisch Museum. Parallel text in 4 languages. [LIVNP 2016.09.22]

Ayto, E. G. (1979) Clay Tobacco Pipes, Shire Publications Ltd, 32pp. [LIVNP 2006.39.064]

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Barreyre, Jean, (1970?) ‘Le tabac du soldat’, Flammes et Fumées, 60, 21pp. Paris?: A. de Peretti?. Pamphlet extracted from Flammes et Fumées no 60. [LIVNP 2016.09.29]

Bastien, Andre Paul, (1973) La Pipe, 159pp. France, Paris: Editions Payot. Hard Back in good condition, dust jacket in very poor condition, inscription by author. Ephemera; sketches of pipes and list of notes. [LIVNP 2014.03.008]

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Chalkley, John, F. (1955) ‘A Critique and Rebuttal of the Paper “Dating Stem Fragments of 17-18 Century Clay Tobacco Pipes” by J. C. Harrington’, Quarterly Bulletin Archaeol Soc of Virginia, 9:4, 1-9 (includes a note on the Pipemaking Tools in Birmingham Museum, UK). [LIVNP 2012.06.068]

Comolli, Jean-Dominique, Lemaire, Philippe and Daydé, Emmanuel, (nd) Gitanes 20 Designers pour une Silhouette, 76pp. France, Paris: Musée de la Seita. Fine condition. [LIVNP 2014.03.025]

Cook, L. J. (1991) ‘Smoking Symbols: Gender, Tobacco Use and the Archaeological Record’ Paper presented in the mini-plenary session, Shaken, not stirred: current gender issues in historical archaeology, Society for Historical Archaeology meeting, Richmond, Virginia, January 1991, 22pp, typewritten manuscript. [LIVNP 2006.38.01]

Copes (1889) ‘Selections from original contributions by James Thomson’, Cope’s Smoke Room Booklet, 3 [LIVNP 2011.09.163]

Copes (1889) ‘The Smokers  Garland, Part I’, Cope’s Smoke Room Booklet, 2 [LIVNP 2011.09.162]

Copes (1889) ‘The Smokers  Garland, Part III’, Cope’s Smoke Room Booklet, 10 [LIVNP 2011.09.169]

Copes (1889) ‘The Smokers Text Book’, Cope’s Smoke Room Booklet, 1 [LIVNP 2011.09.161]

Copes (1890) ‘Amber’, Cope’s Smoke Room Booklet, 7 [LIVNP 2011.09.166]

Copes (1890) ‘Charles Lamb’, Cope’s Smoke Room Booklet, 4 [LIVNP 2011.09.164]

Copes (1890) ‘Cope’s Mixture’, Cope’s Smoke Room Booklet, 8 [LIVNP 2011.09.167]

Copes (1890) ‘The Smokers  Garland, Part II’, Cope’s Smoke Room Booklet, 6 [LIVNP 2011.09.165]

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