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Paper Archives

The NPA's paper archive can be divided into four main elements, which are briefly described below. The links on this page will take you to more detailed lists of these elements.

  • UK files: Printed books and articles on pipes and related topics as well as notes, letters, drawings and grey literature that are site specific; filed by county.
  • World files: Printed books and articles, as well as notes, letters, drawings and grey literature filed by country and site.
  • General files: Printed books and artles on pipes, tobacco and smoking related topics that are not site specific; filed by subject area.
  • Other Archives: Unpublished material that is not site specific, for example, correspondence relating to the British Archaeological Reports series The Archaeology of the Clay Tobacco Pipe; theses on pipe-related subjects and the paper archives for organisations such as as the Acadèmie Internationale de la Pipe and the Society for Clay Pipe Research. Other archives also include papers and notes generated by individual researchers, such as Adrian Oswald and David Atkinson.

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Paper Archives

UK Files

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General Files

Other Archives

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