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World Files (Site Specific)

The following bibliography lists those publications and off prints held by the National Pipe Archive as of April 2017 that are site specific, but not UK.  This section includes Wreck sites that have produced pipes.

The bibliography is organised in alphabetical order by county. Wherever possible a complete bibliographic reference has been given. In some cases, however, the archive does not hold all the information, such as volume number and page number. In those instances, an effort has been made to provide as much information as possible so that the reference is usable.

Each entry is followed by an NPA accession code, for example LIVNP 1997.17.2, this refers back to the pipe filing system and will help to locate each article.

The current list comprises all the published material held by the NPA. Please note that this is a working document and is constantly being updated.

Click on the list below to jump to a specific countRy/region, or browse a PDF version of the complete NPA bibliography.

Countries/Regions: Africa | Australia | Bavaria | Belgium | Canada | Czechoslovakia | Croatia | France | Germany | Hungary | Ireland | Italy | Jamaica | Japan | Malta || Middle East | Egypt | Israel || Netherlands | New Zealand | Panama | Poland | Romania | Sri Lanka | Sweden | Turkey | United States of America | Barbados |

| Wreck Sites |

AFRICA (Return to top)

Anon (nd) ‘An old craft lives on in Africa – thanks to fussy women smokers’ Western Tobacco Journal, 14.  [An article about Xhosa pipes of the Bantu] [LIVNP 2000.01.90]

Clague, A. (2000) ‘An analysis of clay tobacco pipes from Timbuktu: origins and social use’ BA dissertation submitted to the Dept of Ancient History and Archaeology at the University of Manchester. 45 pages plus illustrations and colour plates. [LIVNP 2006.11.01]

Calvocoressi, D. (1975) ‘European trade pipes in Ghana’ West African Journal of Archaeology, 5,195-200). [LIVNP 2005.20.01]

Philips, J. E. (1983) ‘African smoking and pipes’ J African History, 24, 303-319. [LIVNP 2006.10.01]

Shaw, M. (1935) ‘Some native snuff-boxes in the South African Museum’ Annals of the South African Museum, 24, 141-162, Plates 24-31. [LIVNP 2006.01.02]

Shaw, M. (1938a) ‘South African Native Snuff-boxes’ Annals of the South African Museum, 24, 221-252, Plates 63-75. [LIVNP 2006.01.01]

Shaw, M. (1938b) ‘Native pipes and smoking in South Africa’ Annals of the South African Museum, 24, 277-302, Plates 85-98. [LIVNP 2006.01.03]

Trowell, M. (1953) Tribal Crafts of Uganda, Oxford University Press. Extracts relating to tobacco pipes – pages 9-10, 29, 38, 52, 56-57, 107, 288 and Chapter 8, pages 128-131, Plates 25-26. Also a map showing the tribal areas. [LIVNP 2006.02.01]

Vivian, Brian, (2005) ‘On Tobacco Pipes in Asante’ Journal des Africanistes, 75-2, 87-95. [LIVNP 2001.01.01]

Walker, I.C. (1975) ‘The Potential Use of European Clay Tobacco Pipes in West African Archaeological Research’, West African Journal of Archaeology, 5, 165-193. [signed by the author; LIVNP 2012.06.108]

AUSTRALIA(Return to top)

Cockington, J. (2008) ‘Collect: Drawcard for Puff Daddies’ in The Age (newspaper) dated August 27, 2008, 1pp. [LIVNP 2009.02.03]

Courtney, K., and McNiven, I.J. (1998) ‘Clay Tobacco Pipes from Aboriginal Middens on Fraser Island, Queensland’ Australian Archaeology, 47, 44-53. [LIVNP 2009.02.02]

Hughes, R. (1987) The Fatal Shore, Pan Books, 236-241. [NB: only part of this publication has been copied, those pages relating to a reference to the production of a line of clay pipes in the likeness of ‘Bold’ Jack Donohoe] [LIVNP 2005.03.01]

Jack, R. Ian, (1986) ‘Clay Tobacco Pipes Exported from Scotland to Australia in the Nineteenth Century: Some Preliminary Observations’ Historic Clay Tobacco Pipe Studies, 3, 124-134. [LIVNP 2012.06.088]

AUSTRIA (Return to top)

Anon, (2002) Palais Kinsky; 41 Kunstauktion. Tabakhistorika aus dem Österreichischen Tabakmuseum Dienstag, 22. Oktober und Mittwoch 23. Oktober 2002 Beginn jeweils um 10 Uhr und 15 Uhr, not numbered. Austria, Viena: Wiener Kunst Auktionen GmbH. Good condition. Auction catalogue. [LIVNP 2014.03.024]

BARBADOS (Return to top)

Handler, J. S. (1983) ‘An African Pipe from a Slave Cemetery in Barbados’ in P J Davey (ed.) Archaeology of the Clay Tobacco Pipe VIII, British Archaeological Reports, (International Series S175) 245-253. [LIVNP 2010.02.01]

BAVARIA (Return to top)

Mehler, Natascha, (2009) ‘Clay Pipes in Bavaria and Bohemia: Common Ground in the Cultural and Political History of Smoking’, Studies in Post Medieval Archaeology, 3, 317-336. [LIVNP 2010.11.01]

BELGIUM (Return to top)

Caro, Jacques, (2004) La pipe en terre: Wallonie-Bruxelles-Flandre: identification et datation, 127pp. Bruxelles: Ministère de la Communauté française de Belgique.  Tradition Wallone, no.16. [LIVNP 2016.09.34]

Stam, R. (2002) ‘The Belgian Clay Pipe Industry and its Export’ Unpublished manuscript, 4 pages of typed script plus 4 pages of charts and illustrations. Paper presented at the St Nicklas Congress in 2002. [LIVNP 2006.34.05]

CANADA (Return to top)

Daniels, Peta, (1980) ‘A certaine kind of herbe: smoking pipes of the Ontario Iroquois’ Rotunda, magazine of the Royal Ontario Museum, 3:2, 4-9. [LIVNP 2009.09.01)

Gaulton, B. (1999) Seventeenth and eighteenth century marked clay tobacco pipes from Ferryland, Newfoundland, print out from the Colony of Avalon Website in 2001 ( [LIVNP 2001.11.01]

Pfeiffer, Michael A. (1983) ‘Clay Tobacco Pipes from the Town of Lillooet, British Columbia’ Historic Clay Tobacco Pipe Studies, 2, 61-66. [LIVNP 2012.06.087]

Smith, R.H. (1986) ‘Analysis of the clay tobacco pipe assemblage from the Front Street site (AjGu-15) Toronto’ Ontario Archaeology, 46, 55-61. [LIVNP 2004.28.01.1]

Walker, I.C. (1971) ‘Nineteenth-century clay tobacco pipes in Canada’ Ontario Archaeology, 16, 19-35. [LIVNP 2004.27.01.1]

Walker, Iain C. (1971) ‘An Archaeological Study of Clay Pipes from the King’s Bastion, Fortress of Louisbourg’ Canadian Historic Sites: Occasional Ppaers in Archaeology and History, 2, 55-123. [LIVNP 2012.06.072]

Walker, Iain C. (1981) ‘Clay Tobacco Pipes from Yuquot, British Columbia’, in William J. Folan and John Dewhirst (eds)The Yuquot Project Vol. 3’, History and Archaeology, 44, 93-102. [LIVNP 2012.06.078] 

CROATIA (Return to top)

Bekić, Luka, (2007) ‘Clay Pipes from Fort Čanjevo’ Utvrda Fort Čanjevo Istraživanja Researches 2003-2007, Zagreb, 191-195. [LIVNP 2009.10.01]

Brusić, Zdenko, (1987) ‘Dio Tereta S Lađe iz 17. Stoljeća Potonule Kod Otoka Bisagu U Kornatskom Arhipelagu’ Prilozi Povijesti Umjetnosti u Dalmaciji, 26, 473-490, Split, Croatia. [LIVNP 2004.36.01]

CZECHOSLOVAKIA (Return to top)

Ország Vranecký, Joža, (1972) Dýmkařství na Východní Moravě, 48pp. Czech Republic, Rožnov pod Radhoštěm. Good condition. Includes a leaflet on Czechoslovkia. [LIVNP 2014.03.027]

Vyšohlíd, M. (2007) ‘Finds of Clay Tobacco Pipes from Námĕstí Republiky in Prague’s New Town’ Studies in Post-Medieval Archaeology, 2, 275-304. [LIVNP 2009.19.01]

FRANCE (Return to top)

Adès, Marie-Claire; Doré, Christophe; Masson, Danielle, (1992) Catalogue: Musée-Galerie de la Seita: histoire du tabac et de ses usages, 164pp. Paris: Musée de la Seita.  [LIVNP 2016.09.26]

Anon, (nd but after 2003) Institut de Recherche “Les Pipes en Terre” – Schéma du projet, 17 un-numbered pages. [LIVNP 2007.10.02]

Anon, (nd) Pipes Gambier: catalogue 1905? Archives départementales, 20pp. France, Chalons sur Marne: Not given. Good condition. [LIVNP 2014.03.023]

Baudry, Jean, (1988) Jean Nicot; à l'origine du tabac en France, 239pp. Lyon: La Manufacture.  [LIVNP 2016.09.37]

Blieck, G. (1989) ‘Annexe: Pipiers de l’extrême fin du XVIIe et due XVIIIe siècles a Lille’ in Travaux de Groupe de Recherches et D’etudes sur la Cèramique dans le Nord-pas-de-Calais, Actes du Colloque de Lille (26-27 Mars 1988) 178-181. [LIVNP 2008.02.02]

Deloffre-Roumegous, V. (1989) ‘Les Productions de Pipes en Terre dans le Nord de la France’ in Travaux de Groupe de Recherches et D’etudes sur la Cèramique dans le Nord-pas-de-Calais, Actes du Colloque de Lille (26-27 Mars 1988) 173-177. [LIVNP 2008.02.01]

Duco, D. (1986) ‘Pipemarks from the Gambier Factory’ Historic Clay Tobacco Pipe Studies, 3, 99-110. [LIVNP 2012.06.088]

Gosse, P. (2001) English Clay Pipes from the Quaratine Port on Pomégues Island (Marseille) typed manuscript (spiral bound) 21 pages. [LIVNP 2013.02.07]

Gosse, P. (2001) Les Pipes de la Quarantaine Fouilles du Port Antique de Pomégues (Marseille) typed manuscript (spiral bound) 133 pages (approx). [LIVNP 2013.02.08]

Gosse, P. (2002) Les Pipes de l’Empire Ottoman Fouilles Archéolgiques du port de uarantaine Sur l’Ile de Pomégues typed manuscript (spiral bound) 109 pages. [LIVNP 2013.02.09]

Gosse, P. (2007) Les Pipes de la Quarantaine; Fouilles du Port Antique de Pomègues (Marseille) in P. Davey (ed.) The Archaeology of the Clay Tobacco Pipe, XIX, British Archaeological Reports (International Series 1590) Oxford, 340 (plus 6 colour plates). [LIVNP 2007.13.01]

Gosse, P. (nd) Pipes from the Island of Pomégues in Marseille : Some New Dating Hypothesis for Ottoman Empire Clay Pipes, typed manuscript (spiral bound) 13 pages. [LIVNP 2013.02.06]

Guibert, F., and Buchet, L. (1989) Pipes Collection Alice de Rothschild, Bibliothèque Municipale de Grasse, Grasse, France, 8pp. [LIVNP 2010.16.02]

Guibert, Francine; Dandoy, Aurélie; Buchet, Luc, (2004) La collection de pipes et de boîtes d'allumettes de la baronne Alice de Rothschild. (Grasse 18 septembre - 9 octubre Bibiothèque Municipale), 119pp. Grasse: Bibliothèque Municipale de Grasse. Catalogue of an exhibition at the Municipal Library, Grasse, 18th Sept. to 9th Oct. 2004. [LIVNP 2016.09.19]

Leclaire, A. (2002) ‘Les Poinçons de Pipier du Musée George Borias’ in Uzès Musée Vivant, 26,published by Association de amis du musée d’Uzés. [LIVNP 2009.04.04]

Leclaire, A. (2004) ‘Kleinwerkzeuge zur Tonpfeifen-herstellung in de Sammlung des Museums Georges Boias in Uzès/Frankreich’ Knasterkopf, 17, 49-54. [LIVNP 2009.04.03]

Leclaire, A., & M. (nd) ‘Pierre et François van Latum – Pipers á Avignon en 1692’ published by Pipe Club de L’Uzège and Socièté Bagnolaise de Sciences Historiques et Naturelles, 8pp. [LIVNP 2009.04.01]

Raphaël, Maurice, (1991) La Pipe en Terre son Pèriple á Travers la France, Aztec, 285pp. [LIVNP 2008.14.141]

Raphaël, Maurice, (2003) La pipe en terre à Marseille: deux cent soixante trois ans d'industrie Pipière 1693-1956, 206pp. France, Nice: The author. Good condition. Dedication from the author, plus letter. [LIVNP 2014.03.022]

Tymstra, F. (1981) ‘De pjipenstad St Omer’ Pijpelogische Kring, 14, 43-47. [LIVNP 2005.25.05]

Various, (1956?) La pipe bruyère; Saint-Claude 1856-1956, 32pp. Saint-Claude: Imprimerie Moderne du Courrier.  [LIVNP 2016.09.23] 

GERMANY (Return to top)

Duco, D, and Schmaedecke, Michael, (1988) ‘Tonpfeifenfunde aus der Grabung Kapuzinergasse in Breisach am Rhein’, Fundberichtte aus Baden-Württemberg, 13, 777-795. [LIVNP 2011.04.01]

Göbels, K. (1971) ‘Die Pfeifenbäker’ in Rheinisches Töpferhandworks, Frechen, 206-223. [LIVNP 2005.19.01]

Heege, Andreas, (2007) ‘Töpferöfen – Pottery Kilns – Fours de Potiers: Die Erforschung Frühmittelalterlicher bis newuzeitlicher Töpferöfen (6.-20. Jh.) in Belgien, den Niederlanden, Deutschland,Österreich und der Schweiz’ Basler Hefte zur Archäologie, 4, 432pp. [LIVNP 2013.06.01; includes a CD]

Helbig, H. & B. (2006) ‘New insights in the Rhula pipe trade, in particular the beginnings of the pipe fitting industry’ Unpublished manuscript translated by Arjan de Haan, 6pp. Paper presented at the conference of the International Academy of the Pipe, in Ruhla, September 2006. [LIVNP 2006.34.1]

Hermann, M. (2006) ‘Oranier in Augsburg – Porträtpfeifen vom Jakobsplatz’ Da Archäologische Jahr in Bayern 2005, 150-152. [LIVNP 2007.10.01]

Mehler, Natascha, (2010) Tonpfeifen in Bayern (ca. 1600-1745) Dr. Rudolf Habelt, GMBH, Bonn, 425pp. [LIVNP 2011.07.01]

HUNGARY (Return to top)

Anon, (2009) A Debreceni cserépippa: Kiállitási Katalógus: Déri Múzeum, Debrecen, 2009 Október 11 – December 31, 28pp. [LIVNP 201.03.01]

Anon, (2004) Új Szerzemények a Magya Nemzeti Múzeumban II, Budapest, 164pp. [LIVNP 2009.01.01]

Anon, (2000) The History of the Hungarian Pipemaker’s Craft: Hungarian History Through The Pipemaker’s Art, Budapest, 255pp. [LIVNP 2009.01.03]

Attila, G. (2004) ‘Hódoltságkori Cseréppipák a Wosinsky Mór Múzeum Gyűjteményében’ in A Wosinsky Mór Múzeum Évkönyve, XXVI, Szekszárd, Hungary, 259-295. [LIVNP 2009.01.07]

Edit, H., & Ridovics, A. (2005) Pipagyűjtemény: a tápiószelei Blaskovich Múzemban, 223pp.
[LIVNP 2009.01.02]

de Haan, A. R. (2004) ‘19th century clay chibouks made in Tophane’ The Pipe Year Book, 79-90. [LIVNP 2005.04.01]

Kovács, G. (2005) Cserèppipák A 17-18 Századból. (NB: Article on 17th and 18th century Hungarian pipes from an unknown publication. This article is in Hungarian but has an English summary). [LIVNP 2006.48.01]

Kovács, G. & Gerelyes, I. (Eds.) ‘Papers of the Conference held at the Hungarian National Museum, Budapest, 24-26 May 2000’ in ‘Archaeology of the Ottoman Period in Hungary’, Opuscula Hungarica , III, Budapest, 410pp. [LIVNP 2009.01.04]

Pintér, J. (Ed.) (2004) Two Hundred Years’ History of the Hungarian National Museum and its Collections, Budapest, 543pp. [LIVNP 2009.01.05] [NB. History of Smoking section pages 317-325]

Szabolcs, K. (nd) ‘A Szegedi vár Pipái I’ from an un-named publication, Budapest, 331-365. [LIVNP 2009.01.05]

IRELAND (Return to top)

Anon, (nd) ‘Clay pipes’ in ‘The excavation (part 4): the south-west tower’ in Manning C (ed.) Excavations at Roscrea Castle, Dublin, 152-153. [LIVNP 2005.09.01]

Norton, J. (nd) ‘Clay pipes’ in ‘The excavation (part 1): inside the gatehouse’ in Manning C (ed.) Excavations at Roscrea Castle, Dublin, 86-87. [LIVNP 2005.09.01]

Norton, J. (nd) ‘The clay pipes’ in ‘The excavation (part 3): the south-east tower’ in Manning C (ed.) Excavations at Roscrea Castle, Dublin, 143. [LIVNP 2005.09.01]

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Norton, J. (1984b) ‘Appendix 1: Report on the Clay Pipes’ in P. D. Sweetman ‘Archaeological Excavations at Shop Street, Drogheda, Co. Louth’, Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy, 84C, No. 5, 199-206 (171-224). [LIVNP 2012.06.101]

Norton, J. (2004) ‘Clay Pipes’ in E. Fitzpatrick, M. O’Brien and P. Walsh (eds.) Archaeological investigations in Galway City, 1987-1998, 427-447. [LIVNP 2006.37.01]

Norton, J. (2006) ‘Clay Pipes’ in Mary McMahon ‘St Audoen’s Chruch, Cornmarket, Dublin: Archaeology and Architecture’, Archaeological Monograph Series, 2, Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government, 80-81. [LIVNP 2011.16.01]

Norton, J., and Lane, S. (after 2002) ‘Clay Tobacco-pipes in Ireland, c.1600-1850’ in A Horning et al (eds.) ‘The Post-Medieval Archaeology of Ireland 1550-1850’ Irish Post-Medieval Archaeology Group Proceedings, 1, 435-452. [LIVNP 2009.20.01]

ITALY (Return to top)

White, S.D. (nd) A group of clay tobacco pipes from Molise, Italy, unpublished manuscript. [LIVNP 1999.82.01]

White, S.D. (2007) ‘A group of clay tobacco pipes from Molise, Italy’ Archeologia Postmedievale, 11, 205-210. [LIVNP 2009.03.02]

JAMAICA (Return to top)

Marx, R. F. (1968) Clay smoking pipes recovered from the sunken city of Port Royal: May 1, 1966-September 30, 1967, unpublished manuscript, 123pp. [LIVNP 2000.01.137]

Oswald, A. (1983) ‘Sources of Port Royal Pipes’ in P. Davey (ed) The Archaeology of the Clay Tobacco Pipe. VIII. America, BAR International Series 175, 255-257. [LIVNP 2012.06.209]

JAPAN (Return to top)

Handa, Masayuki (2009) ‘Matters of Taste’, The Japan Journal, Sep 2009, 38-39. [LIVNP 2011.03.01]

Handa, Masayuki (2009) ‘Pleasure and the Pipe’, The Japan Journal, Nov 2009, 18-19. [LIVNP 2011.03.02]

Handa, Masayuki (2010) ‘A Taste of Luxury’, The Japan Journal, Jan 2010, 24-24. [LIVNP 2011.03.03]

Handa, Masayuki (2010) ‘Good Taste is Timeless’, The Japan Journal, Mar 2010, 22-23. [LIVNP 2011.03.04]

Suzuki, B.T. (1997) The First English Pipe Smoker in Japan, International Academy of the Pipe, 40pp. [LIVNP 2007.05.08] [NB: this publication has an English and French version of the text]

MALTA (Return to top)

Balzan, Francesca (ed.) (2010) Pipes from Habit to Art: A Palazzo Falson Exhibition, Palazzo Falson Historic House Museum, Malta, 32pp. [LIVNP 2011.02.01]

MIDDLE EAST (Return to top)


Simpson, St. J. (2009) ‘The Archaeology of the Clay Pipe in the Near East’ Al Rāfidān, 30, 67-75. Institute for Cultural Studies of Ancient Iraq, Kokushikan University, Tokyo. (LVNP 2009.17.01]

Egypt (Return to top)

French, P. (2001) ‘Smoking Pipes of the Islamic Period from the Masdrasa Tatar al-Hiğaziya’ in P. Speiser ‘Die Geschichte der Erhaltung Arabischer Baudenkmäler in Ägypten: die Restaurierung der Madrasa Tatar al- Hiğaziya und des Sabīl Kuttāb ‘Abd ar-Rahmān Kathudā im Rahmen des Darb-al Qirmiz-Projektes in Kairo’ Abhandlungen des Deutschen Archäologischen Instituts Kairo, Islamische Reihe, 8, 213-230. [LIVNP 2006-35.03] (nb: although this is a German publication this particular paper is in English]

Israel (Return to top)

Simpson, St. J. (2000) ‘The Clay Pipes’ in R. Harper and D. Pringle (et al) Belmont Castle: The Excavations of a Crusader Stronghold in the Kingdom of Jerusalem, British Academy Monographs in Archaeology, 10, The British Academy, Oxford 147-171. [LIVNP 2006.35.02] (NB: this offprint includes the bibliography from the whole volume, 251-257]

Simpson, St. J. (2002) ‘Ottoman Pipes from Zikr’in (Tell Jezreel)’ Levant, 32, 159-172. [LIVNP 2006.35.01] [Two copies held]

NETHERLANDS (Return to top)

Anon (nd) ‘Algemene Oriëntatie: Oorsprong van de Nederlandse Pjip’ Pages 8-9 only from un-named publication. [LIVNP 2013.04.02]

Brongers, G. A. (nd) Tabakorama, Groningen, 47pp. [LIVNP 2012.06.090]

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Tupan, H. R. (1983) Wolken van Genot: een culturrhistorisch overzicht van het tabakesgebruik in Nederland, Provinciaal Museum van Drenthe, 92pp [LIVNP 2013.04.01 – only pages 5-30]

NEW ZEALAND (Return to top)

Pfeiffer, Michael A. (1986) ‘Tobacco Pipes from the Arrowtown Chinese Settlement, Central Otago, New Zealand’ Historic Clay Tobacco Pipe Studies, 3, 79-88. [LIVNP 2012.06.088]

PANAMA (Return to top)

Anon, (1979) ‘Clay Pipes help Date Colony’. [LIVNP 2011.17.01] [NB: Newspaper cutting from an unnamed source relating to pipes from Caldeonia Bay, Panama]

Higgins, D. A. (1995) The Clay Tobacco Pipes from Fort St Andrew, Caledonia Bay, Panama, unpublished manuscript, 1 page. [LIVNP 2011.17.02] 

POLAND (Return to top)

Schmidt, J., 2005 The Pipe’s Rebirth: Production, Maintenance and Restoration, Studio Wizualizacji, Graphit, Poznan, 47pp. [LIVNP 2013.04.01] 

ROMANIA (Return to top)

Gruia, Ana-Maria, (2013) The Gift of Vice: Pipes and the Habit of Smoking in Early Modern Transylvania, Mega, Romania, 123pp. [LIVNP 2014.08]

SRI LANKA (Return to top)

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SWEDEN (Return to top)

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